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Page Insights and Post Insights Matrices mapping

  Ashish Kumar      other September 22, 2018


Facebook Insights is a product available to all Pages and Apps on Facebook using the Insights dashboard. This object represents a single Insights metric that is tied to another particular Graph API object (Page, Post, etc.). This object is returned by the following edges:



Key Metrics.Column Name(Page Level) Metrics Name
Lifetime Total Likes page_fans
Daily New Likes page_fan_adds_unique
Daily Unlikes page_fan_removes_unique
Daily Page Engaged Users page_engaged_users
Daily Total Reach page_impressions_unique
Daily Organic Reach page_impressions_organic_unique
Daily Paid Reach page_impressions_paid_unique
Daily Viral Reach page_impressions_viral_unique
Daily Total Impressions page_impressions
Daily Organic impressions page_impressions_organic
Daily Paid Impressions page_impressions_paid
Daily Viral impressions page_impressions_viral
Daily Logged-in Page Views page_views
Daily Logged-in Page Views page_views_unique
Daily Reach Of Page Posts page_posts_impressions_unique
Daily Organic Reach of Page posts page_posts_impressions_organic_unique
Daily Paid Reach of Page posts page_posts_impressions_paid_unique
Daily Viral Reach Of Page Posts page_posts_impressions_viral_unique
Daily Total Impressions of your posts    page_posts_impressions

Key Metrics.Column Name(Post Level) Metrics Name
Lifetime Engaged Users post_engaged_users
Lifetime Post Consumers post_consumptions_unique
Lifetime Post Consumptions post_consumptions
Lifetime Negative feedback post_negative_feedback_unique
Lifetime Negative Feedback from Users   post_negative_feedback
Lifetime Post Impressions by people who have liked your Page post_impressions_fan
Lifetime Post reach by people who like your Page        post_fan_reach
Lifetime Post Paid Impressions by people who have liked your Page   post_impressions_fan_paid
Lifetime Paid reach of a post by people who like your Page post_impressions_fan_paid
Lifetime People who have liked your Page and engaged with your post    post_engaged_fan
Lifetime Organic views to 95% post_video_complete_views_organic_unique
Lifetime Organic views to 95% post_video_complete_views_organic
Lifetime Paid views to 95% post_video_complete_views_paid_unique
Lifetime Paid views to 95% post_video_complete_views_paid
Lifetime Organic Video Views post_video_views_organic_unique
Lifetime Organic Video Views post_video_views_organic
Lifetime Paid Video Views post_video_views_paid_unique
Lifetime Paid Video Views post_video_views_paid
Lifetime Average time video viewed post_video_avg_time_watched
Lifetime Video length post_video_length


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