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About Us River IQ

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Since 2010 and with help of 50+ Developers, DBA, Architects, Administrator, Tester, RiverIQ is delivering big data solutions, web & mobile applications, and social media analytics services, data warehouse and different domain specific architectural consultation to clients around the world. For any consultation, projects you can connects us now.

India Sales: +(91) 9650660888
US Sales: +1-(781) 526-2946

How River IQ Can Help You

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Problem Solving
Get answers to complex problems that you can't find answers for on sites like Stack Overflow.
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Learn Efficiently
Still not "getting" it? Personalize your learning experience with the right mentor.
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Improve Your Skills
Share your code and see what went wrong. Learn from an expert and become a better developer.

What Other Clients Say

RiverIQ helped us to finish my project on a short deadline effectively, due to its range of developers with very specialised skillsets, who have hands on experience in major technologies. The professionalism of its developers allowed us to have comfort that we would be able to get the job done, with clear deliverables, on time. - David Alone

RiverIQ is a fantastic resource for software developers. It has helped me to become more efficient and productive in coding, especially when I can't obtain immediate answers from Stackoverflow or my friends. It is a "virtual SOS button" I can press whenever I need help. - John Doherty