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Apache Hive 3.0

  Ashish Kumar      Hive September 28, 2018

Apache Hive 3.0

Workload management

Managing resources was always a concern to gain hive performance. With LLAP it improved the performance. With hive 3.0 using workload management, you can create resource pools and allocate resources to match your needs and prevent contention for those resources.


Workload management improves parallel query execution and cluster sharing for queries running on Hive LLAP, and improves performance of non-LLAP queries.

Transaction processing improvements

  • Mature versions of ACID (Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, and Durability) transaction
  • Low latency analytical processing (LLAP) evolve in Hive and HDP 3.0.
  • ACID tables are default table type in HDP 3.0
  • No need to bucket ACID tables

Materialized views

  • Improved transactional semantics with materialized view rewrites and automatic query cache.
  • By precomputing and caching intermediate tables into views we can avoid costly, repetitious query portion sharing.
  • Hive query optimizer leverages the precomputed cache to improve performance.
  • Materialized views increase the speed of join and aggregation queries in business intelligence (BI) and dashboard applications

Direct, low latency Hive query of Kafka topics

Kafka-Druid ingest. A Kafka topic can now be mapped to a Druid table. you can create a Druid table within Hive from a Kafka topic in a single command. The events will be automatically ingested and available for querying in near real-time.


  • Superset is an alternative to Hive View, which is not available in HDP 3.0.
  • Superset, A data exploration and visualization UI platform.
  • With Superset, you can connect to Hive, create visualizations of Hive data, and create custom dashboards on Hive datasets.

Deprecated, unavailable, and unsupported interfaces

In HDP 3.0, Hive does not support the following features:

  • WebHCat
  • HCatalog

In HDP 3.0, the following capabilities and interfaces are no longer supported:

  • Hive CLI (replaced by Beeline)
  • SQL Standard Authorization
  • MapReduce execution engine (replaced by Tez)


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